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  • DAWSON - The Most Passionful Movement, Singing with You

    Scorching summer sun,are you ready? Start off shoulder by shoulder with Dawson!Sweaty heat of July,are you ready? Brave winds and waves together with Dawson!An awesome summer season, are you ready? Set sail on the journey with Dawson.We have been on the road.

  • DAWSON's big move to recruit elites, come on awesome graduates!

    DAWSON's big move to recruit elites, come on awesome graduates!Graduation season is coming. You guys must be planning the internship. First step to the society, you are looking forward to a powerful company with a great platform.

  • DAWSON have organized a sale staff learning conference

    9th,November,2016,We Qingdao Dawson group ltd. have organized a staff learning conference for the purpose of enhancing the professional competence of employees and improvethe service quality so as to meet the needs of our clients.

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