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  • Wire Rope Sling Design Requirements

    Wire rope sling a compiled into:the actual strength of the buckle break should be at least the minimum corresponding wire rope breakage of 70% of the tension,if the wire rope for metal core, the metal core should be at least three times with......

  • Wire Rope Sling Appearance

    Plug wire rope sling made appearance:In part of the wire core (not exposed, the shares to closely, can not have the loose phenomenon;put the rope BianHou cut the head of level off, can not have obvious distortion......

  • Hook The Security Inspection and Scrap Requirements

    Hook the security inspection and scrap requirements Hook the safety inspection:human driver lifting mechanism with hook, at 1.5 times rated load load test for testing,driving the lifting mechanism with hook to 2 times rated load load test for testing......

  • Sling in Large Hoisting Workpiece Used Correctly

    Hoisting rigging because light weight, easy to use, do not hurt the suspended surfaces, lifting smoothly, safety, high strength, bright color, improve work efficiency, reduce cost, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and its own characteristics used widely......

  • Steel Wire Rope Types

    the use of wire rope types should be GB/T20118-2006 regulations interaction twisting fiber core or metal core wire rope, but GB/T20118-2006 provisions of the single wire rope, abnormity strands of wire rope and multilayer shares except wire rope.

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