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  • Application for DAWSON Bolt Cutter, Cutting Tools
    DAWSON Tools range of tools have been extensively tested and refined to produce products that will last a lifetime in the toughest environments whether around the workshop or out on the jobsite. Feel the quality and refinement of a well balanced Tyre gauge, a versatile soldering iron or a no nonsens
  • Application for DAWSON Self-Retracting Lifeline
    DAWSON Self-Retracting Lifelines are designed using webbing, wire rope, or a cable that automatically retracts into a housing unit, never allowing for any slack in the line. Self-Retracting Lifelines are longer than lanyards and permit a larger working radius, even when using a fixed anchor point—which is typically overhead. A breaking mechanism inside the housing unit will arrest a worker’s fall, much like a car seatbelt. A self retractable lifeline is slightly heavier than a safety lanyard, and for those watching their bottom line, tends to be pricier. That said, they offer more mobility and fast-acting fall arrest capability.
  • Instructions for Use Wire Rope Clip
    Wire rope clips are a common and necessary piece of rigging hardware when it comes to using wire rope and forming end terminations. They are used to form a wire rope eye or to connect two cables together. It’s important to understand how to correctly install a wire rope clip, as incorrect installation leads to decreased efficiency in the wire rope assembly.
  • Instructions for Use of Stainless Steel Turnbuckles
    We hope this DAWSON Stainless Steel​ Turnbuckle will meet your needs and provide you with reliable and efficient performance.
  • Instructions for Use of The Hand Winch
    We hope this DAWSON Hand Winch will meet your needs and provide you with reliable and efficient performance.
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