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  • ABS Testing Heavy Duty Snatch Block, Single Close Hook Pulley Block for Lifting
    ABS inspected and tested the snatch block, heavy duty snatch block, single close hook pulley blocks produced by our DAWSON.
  • Application for DAWSON Alloy Master Link
    DAWSON Master Link is both single and multiple leg slings. The wide design allows the attached slings to be properly spaced for a multiple leg lift and easily attached to hoists, cranes, slings, and wenches directly or paired with a shackle as needed. It is a high quality piece of lifting gear, mainly used in overhead lifting, picking, placing, and towing applications.
  • Application for DAWSON Safety Carabiner
    DAWSON Safety Carabiner Made of aircraft grade Steel aluminum, these carabiners are extremely durable. COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT. This can be an essential item in your tree climbing gear, hold up your slack line, tie down important equipment, or anything that you need a load bearing carabiner clip.
  • Application for DAWSON Wire Rope Slings
    DAWSON Wire rope slings are designed specifically for heavy-duty jobs like lifting, towing, anchoring loads, and hoisting. They are fabricated in such a way that makes them abrasion and heat resistant. This makes them particularly useful under extreme conditions. Wire rope sling comes in a variety of different types such as single part slings, socketed rope assemblies, braided rope slings, stainless steel slings, and galvanized cable laid slings.
  • Application for DAWSON Whipcheck Safety Cable
    Whipcheck will give the operator an opportunity to shut down the air hose quickly and safely if couplings disconnect at high pressure, preventing any injury occurred. Made of corrosion resistant & high strength galvanized steel, aluminium, copper or stainless steel which on installation diverts strain from the coupling to whipcheck.
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