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  • Application for DAWSON Panama Chock

    The DAWSON Panama chock is a very important mooring equipment , in the process of mooring ship , it bears huge loads , usually the ship bollards , mooring deck or bulwark mounted chock for the whole ship mooring use , the general bow and stern of ship blocks the bollard fairlead, quantity large.

  • Application for DAWSON Weld on Lifting D Rings

    DAWSON Forged D Ring with Weld-on Wrap is made by high quality forged alloy steel. This forged weld-on D-ring is a great tie down accessory for your trailer, truck bed, and much more. Forged D Ring made from forged steel and can be welded anywhere a tie down access point is needed on the bed of your trailer.

  • Application for DAWSON Eye Hoist Hook

    With the DAWSON eye hook, you get far more flexibility in terms of movement and ergonomics to position the hook and attach it to the load. However, an eye hook is a permanent solution—if the throat of the hook becomes stretched, cracked, or bent during use, the whole sling would have to be failed ou

  • Application for DAWSON Composite Strap and Buckles

    Dawson composite strapping provides consistent system strength. This is because of the joint closure, the buckle. The wire buckle is the strongest type of joint closure of all strapping systems and not dependent on the tool-quality or operator. The system is easy, fast and safe to apply with the low

  • What about China Dawson Flat Webbing Slings

    The flat webbing is made of 100% high-strength polyester and has high strength and elastic recovery.

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