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We hope you've found a few things of value that will benefit you on business. All of the sections on this site are free. We hope you'll take advantage of them such as these product information.
For more information on doing business with us or any areas of the site click on the link below to visit the related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Q: Do You Do Retailing?

A:  Sorry, we are not doing retailing. We are supplying our quality products and competitive price to our distributors.

Q: How to Order?

A:  There are several ways to order our products:
Order Online: Using our Order On-line Function 24 hours per day. As you browse our product pages, click here:
Order by FAX: You can print out a copy of your order and fax it anytime to us at +86-532-86660583.
Order by TEL: If you'd prefer to talk to a real live person you have the option to call us on our order line at +86-532-86660581 during regular business hours. Our international salespersons are available to you 24 hours from Monday to Saturday.
We often respond to your inquiry and additional information within four (4) hours.
Order by E-mail : Send your order to us : info@dawson-group.com

If you have non-order questions please call our corporate office at 86-532-86660582. Our service are available to you 24 hours from Monday to Saturday.
If we're not here to take your call please leave a brief message with email to: info@dawson-group.com.  We'll get back to you promptly.