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  • Jun
    Marine Salvage and Refloatation

    Dawson Marine Salvage airbag is the best choice for 100-2000 tons buoyancy need. Its good characters of easy transportation and store, little demand of maintenance make the salvage works more flexible and cost-effective.

  • Jun
    Ship Launching and Hauling

    General introduction of Ship launching with marine airbags. The traditional ship launching methods include end on launching , side launching and dry dock floating. Most airbag ship launching are end on launching.

  • Jun
    How to repair the airbag?

    If the“Dawson”inflatable rubber ship airbag was damaged, it can be repaired as long as the rubber doesn’t age serious (with no crack and sickness on the surface), repair can be made by sickness coating cord fabric......

  • Jun
    Special Attentions During Use and Launching of The Airbag

    First, the airbag must be checked if the pressure gage is normal before being used.

  • Jun
    Huge Cofferdam Launch Solution

    Airbag launching technology is especially good for temporary launch project because of its low demand of launch conditions. Huge steel cofferdams are fabricated for bridge piers construction, some of them weigh a few thousands tonnes that is difficult for floating crane to lift and install.

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