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Special Attentions During Use and Launching of The Airbag


First, the airbag must be checked if the pressure gage is normal before being used.

Second, the working pressure of the airbag when used should compare the data in the bearing pressure capacity from mustn’t use excessive pressure.

Third, it must clean the sharp and protruding hard object on the ground which could contact with the airbag body before the airbag being used, in case it punctures the skin of the airbag.

Forth, the distance of the airbag under the ship should no less than 1.5 meters, the distance after compression should at least 0.8 meters, in case occurs the airbag over lapping phenomenon when the ship launching.

Fifth, lifting after the airbag be forced under the ship, when most of the ship is raised up, demount the pier-top and force the rolling airbag at the same time, if there is one or two pier-top impacted which is difficult to take out, do not let the workers force to demount the pier-top, if the pier-top is demount, it is easy to suffer from the ship gravity, and then will make the airbag the airbag explosive. The workers should check the working pressure of the airbag if could be  increased..

Sixth, if the air-bag have used for alone time, it should be inflated pressing inspection, according to the <the process requirement of the ship airbag for lunching and landing>.the pressure should take 1.25times of the working pressure, so that could make sure safety use of the airbag.

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