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Recoilless Type Load Binder, Drop Forged Load Binders

Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
Handle: Drop forged, casting
Size: 5/16-3/8, 3/8-1/ inches.
Finish: Painted.
Fitting for chain

  • 1000pcs

Recoilless Type Load Binder, Drop Forged Load Binders
- Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

Load Binder - Dawson Group LTD. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory      recoilless-type-load-binders-loadbinder-Dawson-Group-LTD.-China-Manufacturer-Supplier-Factory

Dawson has the load binders you need to tie down heavy cargo

Welcome to buy the newest and competitive price DAWSON Recoilless Type Load Binder, Drop Forged Load Binders from our factory. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, offering you the wholesale service and the OEM service at a discount. With CE certification, our products made in China in stock are high in quality and low in price. Please be free to get the free sample from us.

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Ratchet Type Load Binders

DS910 Lever Tightener for Lashing Light Load Binder, Chain Tightener
Alloy Steel Forged Lashing Lever, Load Binder for Lashing G80 / Grade 80 Alloy Steel Forged Chain Lashing
DAWSON Ratchet and Lever Load Binder Factory
Recoilless Type Load Binder, Drop Forged Load Binders
Walking Load Binders, Forged Steel Load Binder G70 Ratchet Type Load Binder, Grade 70 Forged Alloy Steel Load Binder
Grade 43 Ratchet Type Load Binder, G43 Alloy Steel Load Binder Ratchet and Lever Type Load Binders
DS832 Non-Standard Ratchet Binder with Hook for Lashing DS753 G80 Ratchet Binder with Safety Hooks to EN 12195-3, Grade 80 Ratchet Type Load Binder
DS786 G80 Ratchet Binder with Safety Hooks with Long Handle, Grade 80 Ratchet Type Load Binder

Ratchet style and lever style chain binders can be used interchangeably and the selection of either style depends primarily on driver preference. Consider the “weakest link” effect to maximize your tie down working load limit. Choose a WLL (Working Load Limit) equal-to or greater-than the chain you will use it with. For example, if you have a 3/8" chain rated at 6,600 pounds WLL and select a binder rated at 5,400 pounds, your chain will be effectively de-rated to 5,400 pounds (the weakest component). This may or may not be important depending on the load you are hauling.The chain binders for trucking offered at DAWSON meet DOT and CVSA specifications. Versatile and adjustable, these load binders offer heavy-duty security when transporting a heavy load.

Ratchet binders offer effortless tightening and easier fine adjustment without the snap-back or recoil effect of a snap binder.

Lever binders, also called snap binders, have less moving parts and are quicker to install. Recoil-less and EZ-Over styles are available to minimize snap-back effect associated with this binder type. Every recoilless lever chain binder has an anti-kickback handle that allows for quick and easy use. Because of its improved design, this lever chain binder can be easily handled by one person safely. Our recoilless lever chain binders also make use of a swiveling hook that can rotate 360 degrees for easier handling.

Trust the experienced professionals at DAWSON for all of your chain binder and ratchet binder needs. We have all of the sizes that will meet your specific requirements. We can also answer any questions you may have about the wide variety of binders and their uses. Email us or give us a call today.

Binders are ideal load control devices for a variety of trucks, trailers, campers and cargo ships. Heavy-duty binders are used to fasten heavy equipment and other specialized heavy cargo that needs to be tied down securely. There are many kinds of binders to choose from and it essential that you choose the right load binder for the job at hand. 

For further information, please contact us. Email:info@dawson-group.com


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Products Show:

Indirect type-Load- Binders -AS-NZS 4344-China Manufacturer-Supplier--DawsonPackage Of Load Binder - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

Recoilless Type Load Binder - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

Factory & Package Show:

Factory of Recoilless Type Load Binder - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

Package of Recoilless Type Load Binder - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

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