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Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

  • Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fenders
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Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

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Pneumatic Rubber Fender
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Pneumatic Rubber Fenders Introduction
Pneumatic fenders is a leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world today. This compressed air rubber fender is used as a protective medium. Therefore, pneumatic rubber fenders serves as a protective medium against collision when ship-to-ship contact (STS) and ship-to-berthing (STB). Pneumatic fenders has the advantages of massive energy absorption with low unit surface pressure acted upon the ship. So penumatic fenders has become an ideal ship protection medium used extensively by large tankers, LPG vessels, ocean platforms, large docks, harbor and wharfs.
marine floating fenders,Ship Yokohama fenders,pneumatic rubber fender - China Manufacturers, Suppliers1pneumatic rubber fender, floating fenders, Yokohama fenders - China Manufacturers, SuppliersYokohama fenders,pneumatic rubber fender, floating fenders - China Manufacturers, Suppliers
Product Description
1). Safe for excess load marine depend on the ball 
The reaction force of a floating pneumatic fender does not increase sharply even under excess load. Therefore, these fenders perform extremely well under such condation and as a result, protect ships and mooring facilities. 
2). No deterration or variation in performance 
Because pneumatic fenders utilise the compressive elasticity of air, performance deteriation due to fatigue is completely absent. The performance of these fenders remain unchanged at extremely low temperatures, even below - 50'C. 
3). Safety realiability 
Xincheng pneumatic rubber fender are constructed using several layers of strong tyre cord are therefore extremely resistant to pressure and cutting, and are therefore extremely resistant to pressure and cutting. The larger size ( 2.5m dia upward ) are fitted with safety valve to prevent accident in the event of over copressiom. 
4). Construction 
The fender body is constructed of an inner rubber layer, reinforcing cord layers and an outer rubber layer. All three layers are bonded together by a combination of heat and pressure over a period of time in a vulcanising oven. Once completed, the fenders are pressure tested before relase. 
To provide maximum strength and safety, the out skin of submarine fender is thicker than a normal surface fender. 
The outer skin rubber compound is desinged and manufactured to be able to withstand both strenuous use and adverse weather. Condations whilst protecting the cord layers and inner rubber the cord layers are corranged at optimum angles designed to be completely airtight. 
5). Simple and low cost installation 
The weight of the fenders is supported by the water on which it floats, therefore, the fender can be morred simply by means of a guy rope or chain at minimal cost it can be removed easily to another quay or jetty when not use or transfeered to alternative mooring points as required 
6). Chain and tyre net 
Almost floating fenders are protected by a chain and tyre net. The purpose of the chain and tyre net is to protec the fender body from damage by sharp objets or protrusions such as rough faced quay walls, to distribute sheer forces along the length of the chain net and to prevent the fender body from having to absorb them. 
Marine depend on the ball safe for excess load boat fender using ship to ship working press 0.05Mpa - 0.08 Mpa.
This marine fender catalog
Initial pressure(Po) is 0.05Mpa Initial pressure(Po) is 0.08Mpa
weight(kg) R(KN) GEA(KJ) weight(kg) R(KN) GEA(KJ)
0.5*1.0 25 64 6 25 83 8
0.6*1.0 32 74 8 32 96 11
0.7*1.5 50 137 17 50 178 24
1.0*1.5 80 182 32 80 235 44
1.0*2.0 100 257 45 125 335 63
1.2*2.0 120 297 63 165 386 86
1.35*2.5 165 427 102 226 554 140
1.5*3.0 315 597 153 370 751 211
1.7*3.0 405 639 191 436 860 263
2.0*3.5 590 875 308 632 1138 424
2.5*4.0 1050 1381 663 1110 1815 925
2.5*5.5 1333 2019 943 1410 2653 1317
3.0*5.0 1880 2104 1210 2155 2709 1571
3.0*6.0 2160 2583 1485 2470 3292 1888
3.3*4.5 2020 1884 1175 2300 2476 1640
3.3*6.0 2300 2783 1675 2600 3652 2338
3.3*6.5 2700 3015 1814 3080 3961 2532
Note: The weight of the ball by ball weight (without jacket), the weight of error of ± 10%; reaction force error of ± 10%
Core attributes
Pneumatic fenders have any advantages including:
l          Easy and fast to deploy
l          Very low reaction and hull pressure
l          Performance adjustable by varying initial pressure
l          Suitable for areas with large or small tides
l          Maintains large clearances between hull and structure
l          Optional chain-tyre nets for heavy duty applications
l          Low maintenance
l          Optional chain & tyres for heavy duty use
Pneumatic fenders are suitable for many applications including:
l          Tankers, Gas Carriers and Bulk Cargo Ships
l          Fast ferries and aluminum hulled vessels
l          Temporary of permanent installations
l          Rapid response and emergency fendering
l          As stand-off fenders to realign ships with shore facilities
BV Test Report about Marine Rubber Fenders:
BV Certification of Marine Rubber Fenders

Application of Marine Rubber Fenders:
Application of Marine Rubber Fenders - China Manufacturer Supplier, Factory
Application of Marine Rubber Fenders - China Manufacturer Supplier
Application of Marine Rubber Fenders - China Supplier
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Accessories for Rubber Fenders - China Supplier

Accessories for Rubber Fenders
Factory and Package:
Package of Pneumatic Rubber Fenders - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory
Factory of Pneumatic Rubber Fenders - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

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