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G80 Motor Rotating Hoist Ring

  • 1000pcs

G80 Motor Rotating Hoist Ring, G80 Alloy Steel Swivel Hoist Ring for Lifting

- Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer Supplier, Factory


G80 Motor Rotaring Hoist Ring    G80 Motor Rotaring Hoist Ring - China Supplier - Dawson Group    
Item noModelTechnical parameter/mmWeight/kg
G80 Motor Rotaring Hoist Ring FROHIBIT
Brief Introduction:
The hoisting and installation of large motor
The rated load refers to the rings used in pairs, allowing the maximum weight lifting point angle 90 degrees when the.
The experimental load 2 times of the load, and the breaking load is 4 times of the load.
In the case of multi limb lifting sling, ring body parts can be automatically adjusted with the direction of rotation or tensile stress angle.

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G80 Motor Rotaring Rings - China Factory

G80 Lifting Points - Dawson Group Ltd - China Supplier, Factory

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production equipment - China Supplier

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test equipment - China Supplier


Package of G80 Lifting Screw Points:

Package of G80 Lifting Points - Dawson Group Ltd

Application of G80 Motor Rotating Ring:

Application of Grade 80 Motor Rotaring Hoist Rings - Dawson Group

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