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Dawson Webbing Sling Round Sling Factory


Dawson Webbing Sling Round Sling Factory

round sling Factory
lifting sling Dawson Group Ltd - China Manufacturer Supplier

Dawson Group's Synthetic Fiber Sling Factory mainly produce lifting sling series with the capacities range from 0.5t to 1200t. The products include: webbing sling, round sling, ratchet strap, towing belt, sling in set, mooring rope and protectors for the edge. The raw material is PE, PP,PPTA fiber. The products has the advantages of light, soft, insulation, high tension. The slings type include: common type, fireproof type, fluorescence type, high tension type, protection type, optical polyester type, etc. 

Synthetic fiber sling is a soft part connected goods with lifting tools and it was used in loading, binding, lifting. The sling was used in the field of port loading, shipbuilding, electricity installation, transportation, aviation,etc. 

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General Manager: Janet Zhao
Contact info: Dawson Joe
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