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DSVS-A Chain Block

  • DSVS-A
  • 0.5-50Ton
Net weight(kg):
DSVS-A Chain Block
- Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

DSVS-A Chain Block      DSVS-A Chain Block dawson group

All Steel Construction-Impact resistant covers that provide durability and protection .
Power Coating-This process provides a long lasting finish in hostile environments
Double pawl and double guide roller enhance performance ,safety and reliability .
Unique curling design-This feature enables the hand chain to successfully feed directly into the wheel sprocket from many directions and angles.
Forged alloy Hooks Cast steel safety Latches .
Stainless steel Hooks Riveted Nameplates.
Thrust Bearing -Allows easy rotation of load while suspended & prevents load chain twisting.
Meets ASME B30.16and NASA-STD-8719.9.

Model Capacity
Standard lift
Running test
Effort required to lift max load(N) No. of falls of load chain Load chain
Dimension(mm) Net weight(kg)
DSVS-A-0.5T 0.5 2.5 0.75 300 1 6 137 137.5 35 270 8.4
DSVS-A-1T 1 2.5 1.5 330 1 6 162 146.5 35.5 317 11
DSVS-A-1.5T 1.5 2.5 2.25 360 1 8 183 170 45 399 16.2
DSVS-A-2T 2 3 3 365 2 8 194 170 42.5 414 18.5
DSVS-A-3T 3 3 4.5 385 2 8 220 170 50 465 25.6
DSVS-A-5T 5 3 7.5 435 2 10 288 191 64 618 42.8
DSVS-A-10T 10 3 15 435 4 10 384 195 85 798 79.5
DSVS-A-20T 20 3 30 4352 8 10 625 209 110 890 193
DSVS-A-30T 30 3 45 4352 12 10 691 312 110 1380 220
DSVS-A-50T 50 3 75 4352 22 10 958 496 170 2578 1092

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DSVS-A Chain Block - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

DAWSON manual chain hoists are commonly known as chain blocks and are designed for heavy duty lifting and materials handling operations. Chain blocks raise and lower loads by pulling on the hand chain. Chain blocks can be of single or double fall configurations depending on the capacity of the block.

Ensure that the chain block name plate and WLL is clearly visible and legible.
The pre-use inspection for a chain block should include the following:

Load chain
1.Inspect chain for wear.
2.Inspect chain for gouges, nicks, arc burns, twisted & bent links and corrosion.
3.Inspect for correct reeving on multi-reeved units (3 and 5 tonne).
Lift wheels & Sheave wheels
1.Inspect lift wheel for foreign material, wear and corrosion.
2.Inspect dead end pins for wear, tightness and corrosion.

1.Inspect hooks for signs of opening, cracking, bending, arc burns and corrosion.
2.Hooks should swivel freely.
3.Inspect safety latches for condition & operation.
4.Measure the hook throats for allowable service openings.
Hand chain
1.Inspect chain for wear.
2.Inspect chain for twisted or gouged links and corrosion.
3.Inspect connecting link for signs of opening.
1.Inspect frame and covers for distortion, cracks, gouges, corrosion & other damage.
2.Inspect hangers (3 and 5 tonne) for cracks, gouges, corrosion & other damage.
3.Inspect unit for clear WLL identity.
1.The load chain must always mesh correctly with the load sheave. With multi fall chain blocks twists can arise by turning over the bottom hook through the load chain.
2.Regularly lubricate the whole length of the load chain with machine or gear oil but be careful not to over lubricate as oil or grease on the brake discs can cause the brake to malfunction and slip.
3.Confirm that the brake is functioning properly by hoisting the load 100mm and check the brake when lowering the load.
4.Non-vertical (sideways pulling) of the hand chain is not recommended on our chain blocks.
5.The hand chain is equipped with a safety link. When the safety link opens or deforms, stop at once and inspect for the cause.
6.Confirm that the monorail beam or structure supporting the chain block is of sufficient strength to support the load to be lifted.
7.Never lift loads in excess of the WLL of the chain block.
8.Never walk or work under a hoisted load and never lift, support or transport people.
9.Use chain blocks manually only.
10.Do not permit more than one operator to pull on the hand chain at one time.
11.Lift loads correctly with proper slings and attachments. Never lift with the point of the hook and never use the load chain as a sling by back hooking.
12.Lifting a load with two chain blocks is not recommended. If the operation is unavoidable, hoist the load with utmost care, keeping the load balanced.
13.Never run the load chain out too far. When operated beyond the range of lift, an excessive load that can cause damage will be imposed on the chain block.
14.Chain blocks are designed for lifting loads vertically and should not be used for horizontal or angle hoisting.
15.Extreme temperatures will reduce the durability of the hoist. Loads should be hoisted or lowered very slowly and carefully in extreme temperatures.
16.Never leave a load hanging on the hoist.
17.Never use the chain or hook as a ground for welding.
Asbestos free brake, holding load at any desired height. 
- Robust all-steel construction. 
- Top and bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard. 
- All rotating components mounted on roller or ball bearings to reduce friction & increase efficiency.
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DSVS-A Chain Block - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory
Factory of Chain Block-China Manufacturers Suppliers
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