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DS-PML-A Type Permanent Magnetic Lifter

  • DS-PML-A
  • 3.5-83kg
  • 1000pcs

DS-PML-A Type Permanent Magnetic Lifter
- Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory


DS-PML-A Type Permanent Magnetic Lifter - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Factory, Exporter     DS-PML-A Type Permanent Magnetic Lifter - Dawson Group Ltd. - China Factory

Model Rated Lifting Strength(Kg) Cylindrical Lifting Strength(Kg) Max Pull-off Strength(Kg) Dimensions(mm) Operation Temperature() N.W.(Kg)
L Length B Width H


DS-PML100A 100 30 300 134 60 65 130 <80 3.5
DS-PML300A 300 100 900 205 87 89 172 <80 10
DS-PML600A 600 200 1800 266 112 108 234 <80 21
DS-PML1000A 1000 300 3000 332 148 125 300 <80 40
DS-PML1500A 1500 500 4500 385 178 145 330 <80 65
DS-PML2000A 2000 600 6000 473 178 145 370 <80 83


Dawson DSPML series, permanent magnetic lifters are used for lifting and handling plate or cylinder-form work pieces of ferromagnetic materials. DSPML series magnets have a compact and durable design.

DSPML series magnets are made from NdFeB permanent magnet, which generates very high holding power in the magnetic circuit. The turning of the control handle changes the orientation of the pole-core engaging and disengaging the magnet in the ON or OFF positions. When in the ON position the holding face forms a pair of longitudinal magnetic poles along the bottom lifting face.


The safe, reliable and efficient DSPML series magnets are suitable for a wide range of applications across industry.


Low operating costs 

High level of safety and reliability 

No residual magnetism 

Independent of the mains supply for use anywhere 

Lever control with integrated safety feature to prevent accidental switch-off 

Require little maintenance 

Top handling – compact dimensions and low dead weight

Only small sheet thicknesses required

Safe – 2-hand operation is required to release the magnet

Guaranteed compliance with a safety factor of 3.5, safety factor: 3:1 is available

High-quality European devices

Suitable for both flat and round material

Operating temperature range:-10 to +60℃

For further information, please contact us. Email:info@dawson-group.com

Operating principle / Technical details:

Dawson permanent magnets operate independently of a power supply. Due to the specific arrangement of a group of permanent magnets, the magnet field lines act on the magnet pole and the load, or are deflected in the magnet housing so that the poles are not magnetized. In position "ON", the magnetic field lines are guided via the poles through the load. The magnet is active. In position "OFF", the magnet pole surfaces are neutral and the magnet is therefore switched off. The load lifting magnet consists of individual standardized components. The inside of the magnet comprises the actual magnet system consisting of a reversing magnet system, the magnet assembly and the magnet poles.


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Permanent Magnetic Lifter 
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DS-PML Type Permanent Magnetic Lifter

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